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Dark Matter - Melissa O'Neil

Dark Matter – Melissa O’Neil

Dark Matter is a really cool show, but a lot of it you have saw before in other shows. This one mixes tons of them together and makes for a pretty good set of stories. The stories start with the crew waking up from deep sleep and they do not remember who they are, so they refer to each other as the number from which they had woken. I think it was pushed at first but it grows on you as time passes.

The Firefly parallels are kind of fun to watch. You can see them in places like the ship’s crew. There is several characters that follow very close to the same characters in Firefly. For example Two the captain played my Melissa O’Neil is just like Mel and River, Three is just like Jayne Cobb in every way, Five reminds me of Kaylee in a lot of ways. Farscape has a lot of parallels as well. We can point to the crew again here with all the crew being fugitives and running from the authorities. There are a lot of interactions that remind you of the crew interaction on Farscape. If you take the time to do a full analysis you would find that just about every crew member fits the mold.  Even some of Andromeda, seems to come in to play with not only the similarities of Andromeda Ascendant and The Android. References to the power and strength of the ships are also very similar.

Now, all that said this is not all bad. You feel like you know what each person should do, you have this familiarity that really should not exist with a new show. I like it, but it really does feel very familiar and because of this I can only give it 7 out 10 stars.

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