Armada: A Novel by Ernst Cline

Ernie-Cline1“Armada: A Novel” is the second book from Ernest Cline and a unconnected book to the beloved “Ready Player One” video pop culture smash hit. This is the problem going into a new book from someone that had released something that you love so much. Your fear is that he could never create anything that would capture your imagination like the first book. Ernest has an ability to include all the pop culture that you grew up with in his books. This has got to be one of the things that makes Armada a winner for me.

Ready_Player_One_coverYes, I said it was also another awesome book. Some of the story feels a little familiar. You have the boy that grew up without his father. Raised by his mother after his father dies in a freak sanitation department accident. Him and his mother have that classic special relationship that allows them to keep things together while the video game and sci-fi movie past is pulled into full coZZ48DF98ECntrast and puts the entire earth on notice.

It has everything you need to make a good book in my world. You get to have a little of everything, all the old TV Shows, movies and video games. Now, do not get me wrong this is not the same book as “Ready Player One.” You are looking at a new book, and Ernest has managed to do it again, using all the cool stuff we sci-fi book, movie and video games geeks love.

I would not rate the book as good as his first but a strong 9 out of 10 stars without a doubt, and that may go up the second or third time I read it.

Ernest Cline did a lot of conventions the last few years, and I did an interview with him a few years back. I hope to get another with him sometime soon, and I promise to talk “Ready Player One” and “Armada” sequels.

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