Star Wars: The Force Awakens Meets Murphy’s Law

imageYou know Murphy comes to visit everyone from time to time. Being a blogger and podcaster with a technical background, you would home that he does not come to visit very often. It has been over a week from the last visit he made to be and my fellow podcasting friend Troy. But, we had thought we recorded a 3 hour podcast all about Star Wars. Now, do not get me wrong, I would do it again without thinking even if I know that it would not be recorded, but when you lose something like that it just bugs you for days and even weeks in this case.

I just want to make it clear that Star Wars: The Force Awakens I think balanced the new stuff, the old stuff and the current stuff really well. Now let me tell you why I think this. You have four groups of fans, and you need to make sure you appear to each group without offending or running any of them off. At the same time you need to make sure there is something worth coming back for.

The first group is the Classic Star Wars Fans, these folks, are hard core into the original series, some liked the new 3 movies and say they, “Like the 3 Star Wars Movies.” So how do you appeal to them? You did what Star Wars: A Force Awakens did, you have a lot of reflection and parallels with what they do love. Now you have to be careful here, if you do too much old stuff, you will be unclear to the newer fans and make it too hard to go back and catch up. Kind of like setting down at the start of the second season of a TV Series and not watching the first season. So everything you do, needs to makes sense to the Classic fans and new Fans at the same time without watching the old films.

share_1200x627The young fan are those that only remember the new trilogy (films 1-3), a lot of these are kids and like some very different aspects of Star Wars that the Classic Star Wars fan. They do not even understand each other, parents that are Classic fans, have kids that in a lot of cases are young fans, kids that really don’t understand the Classic hard core options. This young group really does like things like Jar-Jar which that kind of comedy appears to them.

downloadNew Fans or soon to be fans, are those that just are going because of the hype. The movie need to make sense to someone watching it all by itself. You need to make sure that when you do this there is just enough from the past that they want to watch them, but not so much that you cause frustration in that they have not seem them, or feel they have missed anything major.

This is a hard balance, and I think they have really does it well. A good mix of classic story line, not us things that point to the entire history, but still an awesome movie all on its own.

I give it 9 out of 10 stars, and I will bet it will be higher as I see it a few more times!



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