Marvel’s Jessica Jones Back for Season Two

Brace yourself, we are going to get Marvel’s Jessica Jones season two, Netflix announced they’ve renewed. Yes, really it is going to happen, I know I would like to sit down right now and watch it also.

Now the big question is going to be when. Netflix’s CCO Ted Sarandos said in response to a question to IGN that it would depend on the scheduling of The Defenders. But, knowing it is going to happen and there is a lot of other stuff around it should be helpful.

daredevil-will-cross-paths-with-jessica-jones-in-season-2-746191I just hope that by the time it get released that we have not all lost interest. This happens from time to time with me, they start something and when I finally get around to getting it really released on a regular schedule then it just does not hold my interest anymore. Although being Netflix should help, and what I mean is once they release the entire season, some night I will think about it and get started, and once I get started things will flow fast from there. So it may be something Netflix can get away with that the regular TV programmers have to worry more about. Only time will tell!

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