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DC Movies and TV Don’t Have to Suck

2016-01-20 01.10.14Looking at the DC world they are starting to get a few images that are appealing. Now, I have to say it will not be easy to complete with everything going on in the Marvel world. Also it’s going to take a better group of shows and movies then it would have been, if they had not stumbled so much. I just really have little faith, that they can get it right now at this point.

But lets talk about what has been part good and part bad. Let’s start with Batman vs Superman, what you would think just hearing the name could be something so very cool. You could have the fights and the story from hell, and everything would rock. But when you get the story line “Batman is pissed cause Superman Destroyed his city.” Now, I do not have enough time to go though all that is wrong with that statement. Let me just say no matter 2016-01-20 01.10.22how good the story is once you start with a stupid premise like that, it will be hard to give it a good grade even if everything is awesome the base of the story will take so much from it. On the bright side check out these pictures from the coming soon posters at the movies last night.

Other things that I have seen that are looking good include: Suicide Squad is really looking good, now I don’t want to read about it because I don’t want it dead prior to even watching it. TV shows are pretty good include Arrow, Flash, Gotham, Supergirl and even iZombie.

I hope they can pull me into the movies, and get something solid that we can believe in.

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